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Vicair® Vector O2

Wheelchair Seat Cushions

Vicair® Vector O2

The most stable cushion for wheelchair users

Optimal temperature and moisture regulation

Fully machine washable

Expanding the user’s reach

Nine adjustable compartments for maximum stability

Extra positioning of the thighs

Basic dimension

Available Height6 and 10 cm
Average Weight725 grams – depending on size
Max.User Weight250 kg
Ready For UseYes
Standard Sizes145
Machine WashableYes. Max. 60oC
Drying TimeAir dry 5 to 6 hours
Latex FreeYes
Warranty24 months on inner cover | Lifetime Warranty on SmartCells
Standard CoverVicair O2 Top Cover 2x
Available Cover(s)Vicair O2 Top Cover, Comfair Cover, Incotec Cover, Reversible Cover
Machine WashableYes. Max. 60oC
Latex FreeYes