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JAY J3® Back Cushions

Wheelchair Back Cushions

JAY J3® Back Cushions

More sizes. More styles. More wheelchair backs for the perfect fit

4 support height

5 contour shapes

Posterior and lateral pelvic, lateral thoracic stability to clients with varying postures and functional needs

5-Step Guide

Six Hardware Options

Six mounting hardware options are available to accommodate a spectrum of client presentations and functional needs

  • Axys – durable, compact, one-size option with basic anterior-posterior adjustability at an outstanding value
  • Onyx – durable, compact option with basic adjustability and pediatric and adult sizes at an outstanding value
  • Linx – sleek, curved design with moderate anterior-posterior adjustability and excellent durability
  • Linx2 – highly durable design with three unique points of adjustment range for greater anterior/posterior movement
  • Pro – extremely durable option with maximum anterior adjustability and pediatric and adult sizes
  • Cobra Xtra Flip Back – sleek, curved, and modular design with superior positioning capabilities, sizes ranging from early intervention to adult, and flip back function