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Vicair® iShear

Total Shear Force Measurement Device

Vicair® iShear

World's first clinical tools to measure *total shear force in a wheelchair seating system

Help evaluate the positioning of a person in a seating system

*Total Shear Force (TSF): The total shear force in the seat plane measured by the iShear is the anterior-posterior force parallel to the seat plane. It’s measured between the cushion and the seat base interface.

Basic dimension

Weight1.7 kg
Dimensions2.7 x 69 x 61.5 cm

iShear device

  • Sensor bar and sensor strips to measure forward and backward total shear force
  • Bluetooth connection between iShear and display
  • Save measurements over time in the sensor bar and read results afterwards with mobile device
  • For wheelchairs from 35 up to 50 cm (width and depth)
  • Positioned underneath the cushion on a sling and solid seat
  • Carrying case for safe and easy transportation
  • Power supply via 4 AAA batteries
  • A total weight (excluding carrying case) of 1.7 kg
  • Height of the mat 6 mm

iShear display

  • Real-time measurements
  • Save, export and share measurements
  • Log over a period of time
  • Compare multiple measurements
  • Choose force unit: Kg, N or Lbs
  • Set measuring interval
  • Add notes per measurement f.i. patient ID and other patient information