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Galileo® Med 40 Plus

Galileo Therapy

Galileo® Med 40 Plus

Muscle stimulation for geriatric’s use
  • A compact medical device for elderlies.
  • Galileo Med 40 Plus provides independent use in geriatric applications by an integrated control panel. Safe and easy to use.
  • Exercises on fall prevention, balance and stretching
  • Functional therapy from proprioception to strenuous muscle building can be achieved due to the wide frequency range from 5 to 33 Hertz.

Product features

The natural movement of human gait is the main principle of Galileo. Due to its side-alternating motion is similar to a seesaw movement with variable amplitude and frequency, Galileo stimulates a movement pattern similar to human gait.

Thanks to the rapid movement of the training platform a tilting movement of the pelvis is achieved,  much more frequently than walking. To compensate, the body responds with rhythmic muscle contractions, that alternate between both right and left side of the body.

These muscle contractions are not a conscious process but, are a reflex due to a frequency of about 10 hertz onwards, activates the muscles in the legs, the stomach and the back are activated right up into the trunk because of this stretch reflex. The adjustable training frequency determines the number of stretch reflex contractions per second.  For example, if a training frequency of 25 hertz is selected, 25 cycles of contraction in flexor and extensor muscles occur per second.

Also, a training session of 3 minutes at 25 hertz therefore causes the same number of muscle contractions as walking a distance of 4,500 steps.

The amplitude and frequency can be changed continuously ,independent of body weight, by the generated vibrations of Galileo.


Type Numbers8N050891
Medical DeviceYes
Hand RailYes
External ControlMounted on hard rail
Internal ControlNo
Remote ControlNo
Frequency Range (from/to)5..33 Hz
Amplitude (from/to)0..+/-4,7 mm
Stroke0..9,4 mm
Max. Acceleration20,6 g
Dimensions Base Unit (l/w/h)683 x 490 x 131 mm
Dimensions Footplate (l/w)547 x 349 mm
Overall Dimensions (l/w/h)683 x 490 x 131 mm
Weight Base Unit34 kg
Total Weight52 kg
Max. Load (Body Weight)140 kg
Power Consumption400 VA
Wobbel FunctionNo
Galileo® Smart CoachingNo
Control Panel With Key SwitchDimensions: 730 x 790 x 1200 mm, Weight: 18 kg